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Warning: Amateur Artist stamp by ArtJockeyKCSci-fi addict by Maylarstampystamp. by Poppyscar

Wannabe Philosopher,aspiring networking specialist and various other things, I am a person of many tastes. I'm known to spontaneously tout obscure pop culture references and contemplate the meaning behind Doctor Who episodes. Also, I draw those swirly tribally abstract dragons you might see around the web.

Still an average girl who can sorta draw, amateur as always!


ESS:Glass Galaxy
Earth was restored a century ago, and the Mercantile rose in the ashes of the empire. Kindness was given a chance to lead the charge into a brave new age. However, a single corrupt bridezilla decided she wanted it all to herself.
-The journals of Helena Tempike

In the future, humanity has reached the stars. Colonies are found scattered out among distant worlds, each more bountiful than the next. In the age of the First Empire, Earth expanded its borders to the edge of the milky way. However, a great war erupted between the alien Yonhu-oip and the aliies of the First Empire. The war was long and brutal, but the Empire defeated the Yonhu-oip. Despite it's victory, the First Empire lay in ruins. 

After a time of strife, a new power rose in the ashes. A venerable family, the Tempikes, took on the role of leaders and lead the creation of the Mercantile. From here, the Mercantile used its knowledge of trade and technology to crave out a new home for Earth and her allies. During this time, the Tempikes took great pains to rebuild Earth to its former glories. Pollution was cleaned up, oceans and habitants restored, and renewable energy became the new norm. 

In any renaissance, they are going to be those who crave the violence and hate of old. A single woman has taken to tearing it all down. The Mechantile is on the verge of becoming something much worse.

In the distant edges of the Mercantile, a runaway Tempike has taken to courier work to keep herself busy. Helena Tempike is a former member of the Starguard, the preminent security force of the cosmos. After running away from a spectacularly disasterous wedding in which she crashed, Helena finds herself with a target painted onto her back. Always moving, she tries to lay low and avoid undue attention. One day, Helena comes into a lot of credits that need to spent in order avoid detction by the Mercantile. She decided to get herself a Sondhii, a person who has given up their freedom, given cybernetics, and who's mind is surpessed in order to serve a domestic servant. Helena doesn't like the concept of the Sondhii, but it's the best way to get rid of a lot of money rather quickly.

After picking an older man with strong features, Helena quickly takes off for parts unknown. Despite her need to run, she is hired by a charimastic young man to carry a black box to a distant planet. He says there's no time limit, only that it gets there. In that, Helena takes off. 

What is the black box? Who the man her sondhii once was? What evils lurk behind the fall of the Mercantile? These answers and more are coming in the very rough sci-fi story concept known as Paladin Lost
Hey all, so this is a fairly old drawing I finally got around to finishing. This the Glass Galaxy, the personal ship of Helena Tempike. It's a Tiglian Space Cv-900, an organically grown ship that is thought to have a mind of its own. I don't think the drawing/coloring came out too well, but it was high time to upload it. 
So my day job is working at a bank, and it seems I've become the representative for all that's wrong in the world. I get it, to them I'm working in a bank and thus represent Capitalism for all its worth. Anyway, I just handle customers and their transactions for the most part. Most days are spent explaining how checking accounts work and handling the complaints of people who  hate the dreaded FEES.

Sir, I want you to not have fees charged to your account. I want you to be happy with your account, with the bank, and with the fatass white girl(me) standing in front of you. I work customer service, not customer inconvenience. I get it, you hate using banks. 

Anyway, I just work here to pay the bills and to get through my IT degree. I'm not the company cheerleader. 
I really dig how this design came out. I was inspired by dinosaur fossils and other creatures to make this. I hadn't made an abstract design in a while, do here's a flying bird thing of death. I've made myself a new watermark (That little blue thing in the corner).  Anyway, enjoy! 
So, this has been sitting on the hard drive for a while now. I decided to color it and then post here. Not much else to say.



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