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Caledawly by KyuubiNight
So I've been working on an "emotional diary" and this entry was for "Bravery". I don't really know a deer has anything to do with bravery. I personally blame too many encounters with heraldry books and kittens. Anyway, I really like how this design turned out.

Comments will be used to lubricate gears.
Fountain Green :Plawhale and Skyrai by KyuubiNight
Fountain Green :Plawhale and Skyrai
Hello everyone! I've started thinking a bit about Pokemon lately and I thought about making some Fakemon for shits and giggles. Anyway, I really haven't given much thought to the region of Pokemon these guys would hail from, but I have a few ideas.

Far to the south of the Pokemon World, lies the Juuran region. A weird land of advanced sciences, old myths, and a certain preoccupation for living underground. It far away from most of the other regions, thus making the local Pokemon just as weird.  Super science reigns, and Pokemon battles a spectacle to behold. 

Among one of the more iconic Pokemon are Plawhale and Skyrai. Often seen zooming around in the skies of Juuran, these creatures are tough as nails. 

More info later!
Blessed are the Plasma Rifles by KyuubiNight
Blessed are the Plasma Rifles
"Who would have thought a merc could shoot like that?" The metallic blue werewolf robot thing stated as she stared at me.

I didn't really know what to say, since I had found this beast in a tank just moments ago and know she was making clever quips. I sighed.

"I'm not a mercenary, I..was just looking for some computer chips." I said trying to sound casual.

The robot looked at me and laughed "Computer chips? Ha! This isn't 200 years ago right!"

This was going to be a long night.


Well, this is a bit different coming from me. I don't often do stuff with a background since its a lot of work for very little return. Most people like silly little digital drawings than traditional stuff. Anyway, this drawing came about when I was listening to a podcast about science fiction and thought about drawing something sci-fi. 

For what it's worth, I like how this drawing came out. 
Kamen Rider Deamon (Redux) by KyuubiNight
Kamen Rider Deamon (Redux)
So four score and to many years ago, I made a Kamen Rider based on super-awesome-demon-powers. Well, here's the HD remix of said character. I don't really know why I decided to remake one of my tokusatsu heroes, since I kind of dropped out of the fandom due to being stalked by a weirdo. Anyway, I suppose I've always wanted to redo this character's design. Maybe it's the asymmetry or just the demon theme, but here ya go. 

Original can be found here: :thumb185054460:

Anyway, have some backstory!
Kamen Rider Deamon:

In a garage not to far away, a young man plans his life. Deacon Carlyle is an aspiring mechanic living in the hustle and bustle of St. Louis, Missouri. He wants nothing more than to prove to his mother than he can live up the reputation of his father, legendary racecar driver Matt Carlyle. Deacon is a kind and simple man, if only a bit on the paranoid side. He has the power of Sight, seeing things that no one else can. He's had this ability all his life, but hides it from others to prevent judgement. 

Living with only one arm due to a birth defect, Deacon has eschewed most prosthetics growing up. This is due to his parents wanting to grow up "tough" and to rely on lack of limbs as a means of avoiding conflict. However, as the young man looks back on his life, he finds that his parents well-meaning but misguided style of parenting left him distrustful of medical types.

Our story begins on a warm sunny day at the garage Deacon works at. A whole hoard of demons burst from the ground, spewing fire and venom everywhere. These beasts are Flame Demons, creatures with an appetite for destruction and human souls.  They want nothing more than to consume everything in their path, and the garage is on top of their menu. The flame demons attack the garage and sending everyone in the building screaming outside. Deacon finds himself hinding in fear behind a trashcan when another demon appears beside him.

Deacon freaks, but the demon assures he is one of the good guys. He introduces himself as Salazar, a blade demon who wants nothing more than to destroy the flame demons. The demon shoves a belt buckle in his hands. Deacon seems to know how to use this weird thing and transforms into Kamen Rider Deamon! 

Now spending his time fighting demons and making his way in the world; Deacon finds himself trying to fend of a snarky demon and his own family. 
Well, there's my hyper-condensed backstory. Anyway, enjoy!
ATG Day 14: Party Harty Derpy by KyuubiNight
ATG Day 14: Party Harty Derpy
Day 14: Draw a pony partying

Well, not much of a party for Derpy. I did something a little different this time and used watercolors for this drawing. The drawing itself took about 10 minutes, also, kittens


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Warning: Amateur Artist stamp by ArtJockeyKCSci-fi addict by Maylarstampystamp. by Poppyscar

Wannabe Philosopher, Design Student, and various other things, I am a person of many tastes. I'm known to spontaneously tout obscure pop culture references and contemplate the meaning behind Doctor Who episodes. Also, I draw those swirly tribally abstract dragons you might see around the web.

Still an average girl who can sorta draw, amateur as always!

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